Welcome to The Rabbit Revolution

Welcome to The Rabbit Revolution! The Rabbit Revolution is a website established by rabbit breeders to promote the practice of “raising rabbits the right way”. We stand for good responsible rabbit breeding standards and promote books and resources that align with our beliefs. We believe that rabbitries should strive to breed with responsibility and keep their rabbits in good living conditions at all times. We believe that raising rabbits is more than just an event, it is a commitment. Before beginning your journey as a rabbit raiser we believe that you should strive to learn as much as you can about the practice of effective rabbit raising and herd management. On this website we will be sharing information frequently which will help you do just that.

Pillars of The Rabbit Revolution

Rabbit Breeding: We believe that before any rabbit owner decides to breed their rabbits, they should have a plan in place to either house or sell them. Don’t breed rabbits without a plan! The last thing we want is to participate in helping add more rabbits to already full rescue centers.

Feeding Rabbits: We believe that rabbit raisers should strive to feed their rabbits the best quality food they can afford. By feeding your rabbits properly, as a rabbit breeder you will most certainly begin to see more positive results as well. So it is really a win-win situation.

Showing Rabbits: We believe the rabbit showing industry is a very positive sector of the rabbit industry and will promote it whenever we get the chance. If you are ever interested in showing rabbits, we recommend that you attend a show hosted by The American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Buying Rabbits: When buying rabbits you should focus on buying quality stock. Don’t buy rabbits that have disqualifications or genetic problems that can be passed down to offspring. As a rabbit breeder you should strive to plan a role in bettering the species, not just producing a bunch of bunnies.

Selling Rabbits: When selling rabbits we believe that you should make sure that the person you sell to is capable of adequately taking care of the rabbits. It is recommended that before you sell rabbits to someone that you ask them questions regarding how they plan on caring for them. Before buying, someone should have a plan in place regarding how they plan on adequately caring for them.

Rabbit Health: With regards to rabbit health, we promote the idea of “Complication Prevention” rather than simply “Treatment of Complication”. We believe that you should strive to keep your rabbits in good health at the foremost and not just focus on treating ones that contract problems/sicknesses.

Products Approved by The Rabbit Revolution

Rabbit Software: We believe that rabbit software can play a key role in helping rabbitry owners effectively manage their rabbitries. That being said we recommend two separate pieces of software with regards to rabbitry management. The first piece of software is a program titled: The Easy Rabbitry Management Software, using this program you can easily and effectively store and track your different rabbit records. Also we recommend a program titled: The Easy Rabbit Pedigree Generator produced by Rabbit Empire. Using this simple to use program you can easily and effectively keep track of all your rabbit pedigrees. You can find these two pieces of rabbit software for sale via: http://RabbitryManagementSoftware.com/ and http://RabbitPedigreeSoftware.com/ respectfully. Alternatively you can check out a website available via: http://RabbitPedigrees.com/ for all your rabbit pedigree needs.

Rabbit Resources: While there are indeed a number of different rabbit resources that we recommend, one of our favorite is a website: http://rabbitbreeders.us/ . On this website you can find a directory of close to 2,000 rabbit breeders from all around the United States! If you are looking to buy or sell rabbits you need to check out RabbitBreeders.us, plain and simple.

The Rabbit Revolution

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